Electric Spray Gun Bottle With Led Light


Electric Spray Gun Bottle With Led Light

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Product Description

Electric Spray Gun, 1000ml Wireless Spray Bottle GUN With LED Light

Gardener sprinkle irrigation hand held Electric Spray Gun. Effective self-spraying bottle with no need to squeeze. Easy to use with little effort, makes gardening fun. Rotatable and adjustable nozzle for different spray levels. The maximinum spray of this hand held beauty is 6m/19.6feet. 

The Electric Spray Gun with LED Light can be charged via USB.  The LED light makes it the perfect tool when you want to spary after dark.  Use the Electric Spray Gun in your garden day or night.  Great for watering flowers, car wash, kitchen and bathroom cleaning.


Power Type: electric
Feed Type: Pressure
Type: Mini Spray Gun
Application: Garden Gun
Cup Volume: 1000ML
Current: 500mA
Endurance time: about 60 minutes of continuous work on full power
Charging voltage: 4V
Spraying capacity: the Max. spraying distance up to 6m
Charger time: 4-5h
Weight: 345g
Size: 155*55*300mm

Package Includes:

1 x 1000ml Electric Spray Gun with LED Light

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