Catnip Sucker Ball For Cats


Catnip Sucker Ball For Cats

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Product Description

Catnip Sugar Snack For Cats


The Catnip Sugar Snack is mainly composed of high-grade collagen and various vitamins, such as calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and other trace elements rich in nutrients.
Sugar is palatable, cats can lick it for a long time, which increases the demand for water and increase their water intake.
Convenient and hygienic, it has adhesive tape on the back. 
It is easy to use. It can be covered with a transparent lid to cover after use.


Product ingredients: catnip + fish glue
Product weight: 12g
Product size: 38*38*15mm/1.5*1.5*0.59"
Package included: 1 x Catnip Cat Snack

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